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Cybernats not happy at Jo's win...

Just 24 hours before Boris’s victory, we had another leadership contest conclude, with experienced Scottish politician Jo Swinson MP being elected, with an almost identical landslide majority, to lead the Liberal Democrats.

There is a swell of positivity around Jo’s election: she has used social media wisely, touring the country and participating not only in hustings but appearing at community events, protests and Pride marches, providing colourful and thoughtful updates.

Despite the obvious differences, the reactions to both elections have been sadly similar from a certain group in Scotland. Jo and Boris might be very different politicians, and at opposite ends of the spectrum in their views on how to tackle Brexit, yet in Scotland it still comes down to, are you for or against independence?

A quick look at Twitter (and we quite understand if you refrain) shows that the heated personal attacks she and those who defend her are facing are mainly coming from Nationalists. Some are downright vile.

Of course, it is completely reasonable to discuss Jo’s record in Government as she takes on this leadership role, just as it is reasonable to point out Boris’s. You may not agree with some of the decisions she has taken, however, it remains terrific to see a Scot taking on a prime leadership position in the House of Commons.

Jo is a caring, hardworking and thoughtful politician who has the ability to do us proud.

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