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Fake-onomics exposed by reality

Responding to the publication of the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland figures, Pamela Nash, Chief Executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“It looks like the fake-onomics used in the referendum to make the case for independence have been exposed by reality. The forecasts in the White Paper were out by billions.

“Whether this was incompetence or deception, the people of Scotland deserve an apology for being misled during the referendum.

“We are protected from the collapse in North Sea revenues by the pooling and sharing of the UK. The economic strength we get from being part of a larger economy is one of the key reasons why Scotland voted to stay part of the UK and these figures underline why we were right then and we are right now.

“The increase in both onshore revenue and spending show Scotland is performing well as part of the UK but we still face a significant deficit, three times bigger than the UK as a whole.

“If we had listened to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, we would be facing deep cuts and sharp tax rises. For Scotland’s First Minister to still be asking Scots to risk the economic and social benefits of being part of the UK for independence when we have a financial blackhole she has no plan to fill is reckless in the extreme.”


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