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Joanna Cherry MP pushing for a Catalonia-style 'wildcat' referendum

Senior SNP MP Joanna Cherry has launched her latest attack on Nicola Sturgeon, calling for Scotland’s top law officer to test Holyrood’s powers to hold a wildcat referendum on leaving the UK.

She has said that the first minister should be prepared to trigger a court case that would establish whether Scottish ministers had power to seek the public’s views on the constitution.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This would waste tens of thousands of pounds of public money on a legal battle over a wildcat referendum.

“Joanna Cherry is so desperate for Nicola Sturgeon’s job that she is proposing this to win favour with a hardcore minority of nationalists, and clearly doesn’t care about stripping cash from public services to pay for it.

“Trying to break up the UK via the back door through an unofficial contest is simply not acceptable and would be discredited. 

“SNP MPs should instead devote their time to holding the Scottish Government to account for the mess it is making of public services. Scotland deserves better.” Read more here.


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