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Majority of Scots say membership of G7, NATO & UN Security Council is important

New poll: overwhelming majority of Scots say membership of G7, NATO and UN Security Council is important

Around four-fifths of people in Scotland believe that membership of the G7, NATO and the UN Security Council is important, according to a new opinion poll.

The findings from Survation come as the SNP/Green Government publishes its ‘global affairs framework’, with an aim of becoming “more active internationally”.

But pro-UK campaign group Scotland in Union pointed out that breaking up the UK would mean Scotland leaving the G7 and having no role in the UK’s permanent seat on the Security Council.

Meanwhile, SNP policy is to apply for the NATO nuclear alliance while seeking to move the nuclear deterrent a few hundred miles south, and the Scottish Greens oppose NATO membership.

The poll of more than 1,000 adults in Scotland found that 58 per cent of people believe the UK should retain its independent nuclear deterrent, and only 20 per cent said it should not retain the deterrent.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“As proud Scots, maintaining our position and influence in the world is key.

“And it’s clear from this opinion poll there is little appetite to diminish our global standing.

“SNP politicians are frequently trying to put themselves on the global stage, yet they remain driven by an insular ideology that would put an extra border between us and the world.

“They are ready to walk away from the power for good and influence that we have at the G7 and the UN, and to diminish our standing in NATO, which has been key to our peace and safety for decades.

“Scottish people want to continue to participate fully in the world, to make the most effective contributions to global institutions, and to retain the benefits of our membership.

“Remaining part of the UK is the best way to protect and enhance Scotland’s global influence, and to support our friends and allies across the globe.”

Read more on our latest polling here. See data tables below:

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