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NEW CAMPAIGN – Ten Reasons why Scotland is Stronger in the UK

A new campaign highlighting ‘Ten Reasons Why Scotland is Stronger in the UK’ has been launched by Scotland in Union.

Volunteers are distributing an initial run of 60,000 pocket-sized leaflets through letterboxes across Scotland.

The campaign highlights:

1)    Scotland trades more with the rest of the UK than we do with the rest of the world combined, and a hard border would put this at risk.

2)    Scotland generates 8% of the UK's taxes, and benefits from 9.3% of the UK's public spending.

3)    The annual UK dividend - the difference between how much Scotland contributes per head in taxes and receives back in public spending – is £1,968 per head, or £7,872 for a family-of-four, over the year.

4)    Last year, public spending in Scotland was £75.3bn, but tax revenues raised in Scotland were only £62.7bn. Scotland’s deficit was therefore £12.6bn or 7% of GDP, compared to just 1.1% across the UK.

5)    Scotland’s deficit of 7% is over twice as high as the 3% level set by the EU for all member states. There would be no automatic entry for an independent Scotland.  

6)    The SNP wants to introduce a new currency. By remaining in the UK we can save the pound and protect mortgages, pensions and wages.

7)    As part of the UK we have a seat at the global table at the UN, the G7 and NATO. We use this influence to promote peace and lead the fight against poverty and climate change.

8)    Remaining in the UK will protect jobs. As many as 545,000 jobs in Scotland are supported by the rest of the UK.

9)    Independence would be eight times as costly as the worst-case Brexit. Leaving the UK after 300 years would be far harder than leaving the EU after 40 years.

10)    78.6% of university research grants in Scotland come from UK sources.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“With the SNP ramping up its Leave campaign and Nicola Sturgeon demanding a divisive and unwanted second independence referendum next year, it's vital that the people of Scotland hear the positive argument for remaining in the UK.

“There are many reasons why Scotland is stronger in the UK, and this leaflet campaign highlights ten of the key reasons.

“By remaining in the UK we can protect jobs, save the pound, grow the economy, invest more in public services, and preserve social and cultural ties with our families and friends by avoiding a hard border with England.

“Whatever your views on Brexit, independence is not the answer. Scexit would be eight times worse than even the worst-case Brexit for our economy.

“The campaign to leave the UK offers nothing but a negative, inward-looking negative, reckless, divisive, inward-looking future, which is why one-in-six former Yes voters have changed their minds and would vote to remain in the UK.

“We are stronger together as part of the UK, and we must fight for that positive future every single day.”

See our Ten Reasons page here.

To help us continue our work and reach more people across Scotland with our message, you can contribute towards our resources by clicking here. Thank you!


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