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Save Our Pound

The UK’s pound is the world’s oldest currency. Its strength and stability benefits each of us every single day when we pay our bills, collect our salary or pension, and buy our shopping.

Despite this, the SNP wants to ditch the pound in an independent Scotland and introduce a new currency. The only way to save our pound is to remain in the United Kingdom.

Today, we are launching a new campaign and petition; Save Our Pound, highlighting that by remaining in the UK and saving the pound we can:

· Protect salaries, mortgages, savings and pensions.

· Grow our economy by exporting to our home market across the UK without extra red tape.

· Use a stable currency backed by the strength of the UK’s central bank and over 30 million taxpayers.

Sign the petition to Save Our Pound here, and please share on social media and ask your friends and family to sign too.

A new opinion poll by respected pollsters Survation has demonstrated the strength of support for the pound.

The first poll to gauge public reaction since the Nationalists announced support for a separate currency has revealed that 40 per cent of voters are now less likely to support independence.

That compares to just 12 per cent who said they are more likely to vote to leave the UK.

Even 17 per cent of those who backed Yes in 2014 say they are now less likely to back independence.

The SNP’s latest plan for a new currency has backfired spectacularly.

But we must not be complacent. Our pound is at risk. This week, Nicola Sturgeon has once again threatened to hold a divisive and unwanted second independence referendum.

Rather than draw up plans to ditch the pound, the SNP should focus on the day job of running our schools, hospitals and railways.

We need your help to make the SNP listen to the majority of people in Scotland.

We are the largest and most active pro-UK campaign in Scotland, and without the generous donations that we receive we would not be able to continue our work.

If you can help, even from £3 a month, then please do so. Click here to donate.

We have also produced a new Save Our Pound leaflet which we will be distributing across the country.

We have volunteers throughout Scotland, and we’d love to hear from you if you can spare the time to help spread our message. Contact us on

So, supporting our campaign is simple! Just complete any or all of these actions:

· Sign the petition

· Share the petition on social media

· Donate to our campaign

· Volunteer to distribute our Save Our Pound leaflet

Thank you!


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