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#SCEXIT: The Hard Border Reality

It's incredible how things change in just a few short years in the #SCEXIT debate.

In 2014, the Better Together (pro-UK) side of the debate argued that Scotland leaving the UK would lead to a hard border between Scotland and England. This was because Scotland and UK would diverge in areas of immigration, standards and customs. The Yes Scotland (anti-UK) side of the debate decried this as "scaremongering".

Brexit, while fueling the emotional case for leaving the UK (perceived injustice and increased grievance), has also shown how complicated the issue of international borders is. With the UK out of the EU, a separate Scotland would have to align closely with UK rules to avoid a border.

If Scotland was then approved for accession to the EU (once it meets all requirements of the Acquis) the divergence between UK and Scotland (now EU) on standards, tariffs, migration etc would necessitate a hard border between the UK and Scotland.

This was all declared "scaremongering" in 2014 but today there are increasing numbers of leading SNP politicians who accept this reality.

They also cheered a recent statement by one EU official who said they would quickly seek Scottish accession to the EU if Scotland left the UK. They said this showed the EU position was shifting and was encouraging.

However, in 2014 we were told that this was always the case so why are they describing it as a "change" on behalf of the EU? Surely they aren't accepting that, yet again, Better Together were right back in 2014 about Scotland being outside both the UK and the EU if we had opted for #Scexit?

If anything has changed in this debate it is that the SNP/Yes Scotland are now recognising that the pro-UK side were not "scaremongering". I wonder if they will go the whole way and accept that the constant use of "scaremongering" was just their way of ducking tough issues that they knew would have seen the case for leaving the UK in tatters.

This blog update is from a Scotland in Union supporter who would prefer to remain anonymous.

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