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SNP and Greens push through Scexit referendum question.

Holyrood’s constitution committee has decided to allow the question from the 2014 independence referendum to be used again should there be an unwanted and divisive second referendum before 2021.

But barely a quarter of Scots support a second referendum before the next Holyrood election, and a recent poll found that only 20 per cent of voters think the Electoral Commission should not be required to provide views and advice on the wording of the question in any future second independence referendum in all circumstances. 

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This Bill should not be taking up parliamentary time, as barely a quarter of Scots support a divisive second separation referendum next year.

"The Electoral Commission has also been clear since 2016 that yes/no questions are unfair and has favoured more balanced remain/leave questions, and polling shows that only 20 per cent of Scots believe the Commission should be bypassed.

"It would be outrageous if an unfair question was allowed to be used in the event of a referendum, regardless of the timing.

“MSPs should listen to the independent Electoral Commission and the people of Scotland, rather than Mike Russell who is desperate to rig any future contest." Read more here.


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