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It has been leaked this morning that Nicola Sturgeon will announce at the upcoming SNP conference that the party is to drop its pursuit of breaking up the UK.

The expected rise in support for Scotland leaving the UK due to Brexit has failed to materialise, as people realise that Scotland leaving the UK would be even more chaotic and costly than the UK leaving the EU.

The First Minister will say:

“It is clear that Scots want to remain in the UK, so it’s time that we stop banging on about independence and get back to the day job of running Scotland’s public services and using our current powers to improve the quality of life for Scottish people right now.

"In fact, I actually quite like Corrie, Ed Sheeran and financial stability, so staying Scottish and British is the best way forward.”

The leader of the Green wing of the SNP, Patrick Harvie, said: “If the boss says we are dropping support for indy, it’s fine by me.”

This announcement marks the end of an era of staleness in Scottish politics, with everything being seen through the prism of independence.  It is hoped that we now see real change that makes a difference in the day to day lives of Scottish people.


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