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Senior SNP politicians have re-ignited their ‘plan B’ to ignore the Scottish public and leave the UK by the back door without a referendum.

Angus MacNeil MP and Councillor Chris McEleny

MP Angus MacNeil and Councillor Chris McEleny, the architects of ‘plan B’, have launched a fresh attempt to have their idea debated by SNP members before the Holyrood elections.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Ignoring the people in Scotland and trying to leave the UK through the back door would be a democratic outrage.

“Only a third of people in Scotland support the First Minister’s timetable for another divisive referendum on separation.

“The SNP has rightly paused its campaign, but this intervention shows that senior Nationalist politicians aren’t willing to work to bring the country back together.

“Instead of dividing communities once again, the government’s focus should remain on recovering from the coronavirus crisis.”

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