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The next generation of Scots are being failed by the SNP while it obsesses with constitutional division.

Today, the globally-recognised Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey has been published, revealing that Scotland’s results in science and maths have plunged to a record low.

Scotland has slumped to 31st in the world in maths, down from 5th in 2000 when the country’s education system was renowned across the globe.

In science, Scotland is 29th in the world.

There was a welcome pick-up in reading performance to 15th, but that’s still far below the 2000 and 2003 levels.

And in all three areas, England is performing better than Scotland, with England 17th in the world when it comes to maths.

With science and maths skills vital for the jobs of the future, the findings have alarmed education experts.

Professor Lindsay Paterson of the University of Edinburgh said: “Despite a decade of austerity, students facing difficult socio‐economic circumstances do better in England than in Scotland. Scotland’s overall performance is best described as stagnating in mediocrity."

Scotland’s teachers and pupils deserve praise for their hard work, but they are being let down by a Nationalist government that cares more about constitutional chaos than children’s life chances.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“These failings in our education system are the direct result of the SNP’s obsession with constitutional division.

“If Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers weren’t so preoccupied with trying to build borders and divide communities, they could concentrate on improving the life chances of the next generation of Scots.

“The SNP should drop its plans for an unwanted and unnecessary second referendum on breaking up the UK, and focus on the day job of running our schools.”

You can study the PISA data here.


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