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HMS Glasgow

The new Type 26 frigate will be the ninth Royal Navy warship to bear the name 'HMS Glasgow', with one of the service's senior officers saying that the construction of the new Type 26 frigate was "symbolic of a Royal Navy on the rise once again".

Scotland in Union's CEO Graeme Pearson added:

"The naming of the new Frigate HMS Glasgow reflects the strong values and deeply held relationships that exist across the United Kingdom. It is not solely good for employment across Scotland but demonstrates the ongoing commitment from Britain to play our part in world affairs. I had the honour to visit the last HMS Glasgow some years ago and was hugely impressed then by the professionalism and the dedication of the crew on board.  At that time the Royal Navy’s appreciation for the work done by shipyard workers across the country was obvious from the pride the crew showed in their ship."

The UK's Defence Secretary today said: "Today marks a historic milestone for the Royal Navy, Scottish shipbuilding and UK Defence more widely. 

"HMS Glasgow and the other seven frigates in this new class will protect our powerful new aircraft carriers and nuclear deterrent, helping to keep Britain safe across the world.

"The Type 26 is a cutting-edge warship that will maintain our naval power with a truly global reach.

"Designed for a service life of at least 25 years, the Type 26 frigates will form a backbone of the future Royal Navy surface fleet well into the future."

Source STV news


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