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SNP's latest EU paper gives no clear answers on most important questions

The Scottish Government has published its seventh independence paper, this time on European Union membership.

This week, Scotland in Union challenged ministers to answer 10 key questions about how a separate Scotland would join the EU, what conditions would need to be met, and how it would impact trade with the rest of the UK.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This was a chance for the Scottish Government to put flesh on the bones and explain to people and businesses how its repeated assertions on the EU would actually work.

“But we still have no clear answers on the most important questions.

“Ministers provided no guarantees on currency or timescales to join, nothing about being allowed to opt-out of borderless agreements, and no plans on reducing deficit to the required levels.

“The SNP-Green coalition has glossed over the barriers which would be thrown up when it comes to doing business with the rest of the UK, and is brassing it out on border controls.

“Fishing communities will also be curious to hear the Scottish Government’s enthusiasm for going back in to the Common Fisheries Policy..

“This paper, like the six before it, has proved a complete waste of time and our taxes.

“People want a government that prioritises health, education and jobs, not the SNP’s own selfish constitutional obsessions.”

The paper can be seen here.


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