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Summer Campaign Update

In recent weeks we have been campaigning at a range of events, reflecting that Scotland in Union unites all, regardless of background, who agree that Scotland is better off in the UK. 

We ran well-attended and busy stalls at Edinburgh and Glasgow Pride events, went along to Glasgow Mela and have been campaigning throughout the country. 

We launched our new leaflet, calling on Nicola Sturgeon to drop indyref2 and get back to the day job.  Already it's being widely distributed, with regular leafletting sessions taking place all over Scotland.

Our new leaflet

To coincide with our new leaflet, our June and July donations drive asked supporters to donate a small amount to pay for leafleting, Facebook advertising or a street stall in their local area.  As a result, 50 new leafleting sessions, ads and street stalls have been funded and are currently being arranged, ensuring that Scotland in Union is visible in an increasing number of places. We have already been to Coatbridge, Inverclyde and Falkirk in the past week and placed Facebook ads in new locations too.

Thank you for your donations to this campaign, we cannot do it without your support.  The more donations we receive, the more areas we can reach this summer with our message.

We were honoured to be joined by Jack Perry and Brian Wilson in Glasgow in June, who provided insights into the damage that the SNP are currently doing to Scotland and the dangers of nationalism.  Following the success of this and our recent speaking events in Inverness (read more here) and elsewhere, we are currently planning a number of others in the near future which we hope you can come along to.

Confirmed speaking events coming up (click each event for tickets and more information):

More events will be added as they are confirmed.


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